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Investigation launched after police force Strand jogger into van [video]

The South African Police Service (SAPS) in the Western Cape is probing the conduct of police officers that were caught on video manhandling a female jogger in Strand on Friday.

According to Western Cape Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Yolisa Matakata, the officials were interviewed and the basis for the arrest is yet to be determined. 


Preliminary findings indicate that after being taken to Strand Police Station, the woman in question was released as detectives could find no basis for her to be charged.

“As the investigation into the conduct of these police officials progresses, police members are cautioned about regard for the rights of other persons,” said Matakata. 

“Courtesy, fairness and treating all persons with dignity is part of police training and orientation. On a regular basis, police members are reminded of internal organisational prescripts that prohibit unbecoming conduct on the part of police officials, especially when interacting with members of the public,” added Matakata. 

A senior official from the SAPS Western Cape provincial office has undertaken the investigation. Once the probe is finalised the outcome will be made known.


The video footage shows a woman being arrested during a morning jog in Strand. An officer can be seen having a conversation with the jogger. Moments later, she is pulled, tugged and forced into a police van. 

The local resident was apprehended at 7:45 by SAPS, which in all fairness, was in the designated window of exercise time under Level 4. 

The video has since caused an uproar on social media. 


The Democratic Alliance (DA) said the behaviour demonstrated in the video will not be tolerated. 

MPP Reagen Allen said: “In terms of Police Directives, Section 6.2.3, South African Police Service officials must ensure that a particular offence exists in law before arresting a person for the commission of an offence. Video footage of the incident shows that the individual is observing social distancing, is wearing a mask and is in within her right to jog between 6:00 and 9:00.”

“This incident comes seven days after the High Court sent a strong message against heavy-handedness of law enforcement officers in enforcing lockdown regulations and must be strongly condemned as it rightfully goes against the Bill of Rights and values that underpin our freedom,” said Allen. 

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